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What's Happening at Lyseth

upcoming events
 NO SCHOOL - Friday, 10/11 and  Monday, 10/14

PICTURE DAY Friday, 10/18 

Lyseth Mathletes "Think Outside the Quadrilateral!"

The 2018-2019 Lyseth Elementary School math team has been working very hard all year.  They have competed in several meets, representing Lyseth extremely well at each of the meets.  Members include Isaac J, Joseph M, Kate P, Lilly P, Nicolas R, Ethan S, Emmett W, Owen B, Jacob H, Emmerson P, Adrianna S, Lilian M, Archer A, Ian A, Colin H, and Stella H.   math team

On May 2, 2019, the team competed at the final Southern Maine Elementary Math League meet. The team of Archer A, Colin H, Isaac J, Joseph M, Lilly P, and Ethan S finished in first place!  In addition to the first place team finish, Isaac placed 4th, Ethan placed 2nd, and Archer placed 1st with a perfect score of 40 points.  

Here is a question that was asked during the team round at the meet:

“At a circus, 145 people purchased the following snacks: 76 cotton candy, 90 peanuts, 107 popcorn, 52 cotton candy and peanuts, 54 cotton candy and popcorn, 57 peanuts and popcorn, 35 purchased all three snacks. How many people purchased only popcorn?”

Could you answer that?

math meet 1 math meet 2
math meet 3 Congratulations to all of you on a tremendously successful year! Great job! __________________________________________

Pen Pals

Pen Pal Project Mrs. Whittum’s second grade class is participating in a Pen Pal Project that is brightening the lives of senior citizens at Foreside Harbor, an assisted living community in Falmouth. Students in Mrs. Whittum’s class have been writing letters and sharing art projects with the Foreside Harbor residents, learning along the way that we can all make a difference by sharing kindness. Students write letters about once each month, sharing the details of their lives with their pen pal.  The seniors write their letters and mail them to the students, making for much excitement in the classroom when a letter is received!

The students are planning a field trip to Foreside Harbor, thanks to a grant from Painting for a Purpose, when they will meet their pen pals. While there, students will interview their pen pals so that they can write a short biography about their senior friend.  The visit will also include a sing-along and refreshments.

What a wonderful way to learn about compassion, humility, responsibility, and that little acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others!  If you’d like to read more about the project, check out this link to The Forecaster: falmouth-seniors/ ​____________________________________________________


   Change for Change

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPDATE~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By saving Tooth Fairy money, performing chores, selling cupcakes and lemonade, and lots of other creative ventures to earn money, our Kindergarten students exceeded their goal of $500!  As a matter of fact, they earned $654.59! Check our this link to learn more about their success and how the money they raised will be used.

¢  ¢  ¢  ¢  ¢  ¢  ¢  ¢  ¢ 

Lyseth's Kindergarten is partnering with GO2Science to help children in a school in rural Kenya that does not have reliable, safe drinking water.  Our Kindergarten classes hope to collect $500, which will go directly to the drilling of the well and installation of an electric pump with the help of Go2Science.

Through this project, our Kindergarteners are learning about money.  They are also helping students just like them who live across the world.

Here are Kindergartner Melanie with her 3rd grade friend Bella at their cupcake and lemonade stand raising money for this amazing and worthwhile project.

Changeforchange1   changeforchange2

To learn more, visit the Wishing Well fundraising page at:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Book Character Parade

On Friday March 1st, Lyseth held its annual Book Character Parade in honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Students and staff dressed up as their favorite book character and walked around the school, displaying their creativity and love of reading.  Enjoy these photos of our characters!

  book 1              book 2            book 4book 3      book 5        book 6


Paper Crane.png       First Innings!     Drawing.png

First Innings is a before school program at Lyseth developed to help students start their day positively by choosing engaging activities with adults throughout the building.

Come join us on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:15 - 8:45

*Students must be here by 8:25.

New sessions starting April 23rd include:

For Kindergartners - Second Graders 

   Fairy Houses
 Extra Recess
Spanish Fun
Calm Coloring
Books & Breakfast
Street Hockey
Perler Beads
So, You Want to Be a Nurse
       Paper Products

For Third - Fifth Graders

Books & Breakfast
Clay Creations
   Fairy Houses
   Walking Club
   Extra Recess
Chess Club
Cursive Corner 
Lyseth Ambassadors
  Rainbow Writing
   African Drumming
Street Hockey
 Be An Artist

Civil Rights Team at Lyseth School

Civil Rights 3

Lyseth Elementary School now has a Civil Rights Team.  The team has 28 members from the fourth and fifth grades.  The team’s goal is to ensure that all Lyseth students feel safe, welcome and respected.  Teacher advisors guiding the team in this important work include Ellen Handelman (art teacher), Merita McKenzie (physical education teacher), Kate Kessler (fifth grade teacher), and Kara St. Germain (fourth grade teacher).

 Civil rights 1

Civil Rights 2 

Starting Strong Literacy Program

Lyseth is pleased to be a part of the United Way Reading Strong Program where we partner community volunteers with our first graders to support them with the development of their literacy skills. All of our volunteers are trained by Karen Stockmann, our Literacy Specialist/Coach, on how to encourage, motivate, and support young readers. The volunteers meet twice a week for 25-30 minutes with first graders and the outcome has been truly amazing! We have 12 volunteers and they have so enjoyed reading with our 1st grade students that most have committed to staying an extra 30 minutes to support our 2nd graders with math! The volunteers are a unique mixture of retired professionals.

We are so fortunate to have these volunteers as part of our Lyseth family!

Lenore Williams

Welcome to Lyseth Elementary School

 Click Here For Principal's Notes

Lyseth Elementary School offers a full elementary program for kindergarten through fifth grade to our almost 500 students. Our dedicated staff of 75+ professionals create a nurturing, yet academically rigorous school experience for our students.

Our mission statement is "To Provide a Nurturing Environment Where All Learners Will Excel." Our students will make continuous progress with learning across the curriculum with a specific focus in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. Our students will attend a school which is committed to a consistent understanding and implementation of child-centered programming. Our students will benefit from staff communications that promotes teamwork and common understanding, and this communication will transfer to strong connections with parents and the community at large.

School Address & Hours

175 Auburn Street
Portland, Maine 04103 - Map     
Phone: (207) 874-8215
Fax: (207) 874-8218 
The school office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. School is in session from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students should not arrive on the school grounds before 8:45 a.m. unless they are participating in our First Innings Program or accessing the Parks and Recreation before and after school program. There is no supervision prior to that time.  Students are dismissed at 3:30 p.m. from their designated exit doors. Students should not reenter the building.

Learning Features

  • Looping
  • Spanish Immersion Program
  • Team-Teaching
  • Differentiated Learning
  • Student-involved conferences
  • Student "Show What You Know" Expos/Learning Shares
  • First Innings Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Study Buddies
  • Mentoring

Library/Media Center

The Lyseth Library Media Center offers a dynamic learning environment in which reading and research are promoted. The library boasts a collection of more than 12,000 books, magazines, audio books and videos. 

Lyseth PTA

The Lyseth PTA holds many events during the year. Their Fall Fundraiser directly benefit syour children by purchasing items such as playground equipment, classroom supplies, and instructional technologies.
This year the PTA supported efforts that led to the purchase of new Chromebooks and carts.  In past years, PTA funds have provided money to help create outdoor classroom learning and creative play spaces, musical instruments for the music program, classroom technology, a new school sign, cafeteria tables...and that's just to name a few of the items!

Lyseth's Business Partners

  • PROP Foster Grandparents
  • Berlin City Auto Group
  • John T. Gorman Foundation
  • Cumberland County Teachers Federal Credit Union
  • Bath Savings Institution
  • Shaw's
  • Hannaford Brothers

Program Support

  • Lyseth's "Credit Union"
  • Student Mentor Program
  • Service Learning
  • Music: Choral, Band, Strings