Mrs. Quigley's Classroom Page


January 10, 2015 

LITERACY – The class learned a new Song/Poem of the Week – Happy New Year - which introduced the sight word IF. We reviewed the sight word GO. In Writing Workshop, children are writing “I Like” books! In Handwriting the class reviewed uppercase letters C, O & Q. In our phonics instruction children have been identifying ending sounds in words.

MATH – This week we completed our topic on Writing, Counting, Comparing & Ordering numbers 6-10. Children have been playing dice games to reinforce counting and adding skills for numbers 1 – 10.

THEME The class continues our Folktale Study with different versions of The Little Red Hen. We have had fun identifying the various animals in each book. We also discussed what it means to be helpful and brainstormed ways we could help friends, teachers or family members.

GIFT for NanaNana Shirley really enjoyed her gifts from the class – a new book, a gift card to Letterpress Books, some fancy hand cream and personalized notepads. Thank you for supporting this! 

MRS. Q.’s PORTAPORTAL I have created a Portaportal website for student use that comprises web-based literacy and math activities that support the learning we are doing in class. Activities are of various formats/levels so that every student can find some that suit his/her interest/learning needs. Students have experienced some of the activities in class already, so they should be familiar with the format. To try, go to: .

WINTER GEAR – Just a reminder of the 5clothing items needed for outdoor play – HAT, MITTENS or GLOVES, a WARM JACKET, SNOWPANTS & BOOTS. Please send daily with your child as we try to go outside at lunchtime each day. Thank you!


Enjoy the weekend!     Mrs. Quigley